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 Make this the year to become Healthier and Feel Better!   Improve your well-being through science-based nutrition and education.


Supplementation consultation is available at Buffalo Spine & Sports Medicine by contacting Ann Marie.  Set up an appointment today by calling 716-626-0093 or email [email protected].

 Supplementation is available through the following ways:

  1. It can be purchased at the Williamsville or Orchard Park office,
  2. It can be purchased by calling Ann Marie at Buffalo Spine & Sports at 716-626-0093 ext 111. 
  3. It can be ordered online through the doctors website (see below) To login, use your email address as your login name and the password given to you during your doctors visit.  (Please choose your treating physicians website)

About Supplementation

At Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine our health care providers are committed to helping you improve your well being through nutrition and the use of science-based nutraMetrix supplementation.  The entire nutraMetrix product line of advanced nutraceuticals is formulated using the latest research, cutting-edge ingredients, and industry-leading best practices. Many nutraMetrix nutraceuticals are available using the Isotonix delivery system, designed to maximize your body’s ability to operate at its highest capacity. Isotonix products have been carefully formulated to offer enhanced bioavailability. These isotonic formulations are more effective than standard formulas because they offer maximum delivery of actives into the bloodstream since they are formulated as a replica of your body’s own fluids, such as tears, sweat and plasma.

While many products may contain fillers and binders, potentially slowing down delivery of vital nutrients, Isotonix products are delivered without fillers and binders; meaning the stomach has very little work to do since the pH and tonicity are carefully designed to allow the stomach to quickly release all of the nutrients into the small intestine. With our nutraMetrix Isotonix formulas, this process takes about five minutes, whereas a standard vitamin tablet can take up to four hours.

Effective vitamin and mineral supplements help to support a healthy immune system, promote the transformation of food into energy, support a healthy cardiovascular system, support strong bones, promote mental clarity, maintain normal metabolic functioning, promotes healthy growth and repair of tissues, help maintain normal blood pressure and promote water and electrolyte balance in the body.

By taking charge of your well-being, not only will you feel healthier, have more energy, sleep better, and reach your personal weight goals, you will also slow down your natural aging process, improve your skin health and appearance, and maintain cognitive and mental focus!

Supplementation provided at Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine

This is a list of some of the nutraMetrix Isotonix supplementation provided at the Williamsville and Orchard Park Offices. Purchasing info below.

  •  OPC-3 
    • Demonstrates anti-inflammatory activity
    • Helps maintain joint flexibility
    • Support immune health
    • Supports normal blood vessel function
  •  Vitamin D with K2
    • Promotes normal bone mineral density
    • Supports immune health
  • Multivitamin
    • Contains 100% or more of RDA of essential vitamins
    • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Activated B-Complex
    • Promotes a healthy nervous system
    • Helps increase energy
    • Helps decrease stress and improves mood
  • Curcumin Extreme 
    • Supports healthy inflamatory response and detoxification
    • Promotes normal cell cycle activity
    • Supports joint health
  •  Omega III Fish Oil with Vitamin E 
    • Helps maintain normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels
    • Supports joint health
    • Promotes overall cardiovascular health
  •  Digestive Enzymes
    • Provides enzymes and good bacteria that promote nutrient absorption from foods
    • Promotes digestion
    • May help with occasional stomach upset
    • Supports healthy immune functions
  • Ultimate Aloe
    • Supports a healthy digestive tract
    • Promotes digestive comfort
    • Promotes normal healing
    • Supports a strong immune system 
  • NEW! TLS Trim Tea
    • Supports appetite control, satiety and metabolic balance
    • This gluetn-free, thermogenic tea is formulated to promote a multi-functional approach to weight management support.
    • nutrametrix tls trim tea front








Introducing a new dimension to our health and wellness programs.  We truly believe that  Food CAN by Thy Medicine!


 Buffalo Spine & Sports Medicine offers  "Eating Healthy for Life Programs".   You can change how you look and feel by the foods that you eat!  To learn more about how the foods that you eat can make a difference in how you feel, you can attend a Healthy Eating Seminar with Robbie Raugh and Ann Marie.  Find out more information by going to www.robbieraugh.com.   What do you have to lose except for those unwanted pounds! 

Along with eating the right foods, Ann Marie provides consultation on the best supplementation you can take.  Are you getting the right vitamins and minerals that your body needs?   Give Ann Marie a call at 716-626-0093 ext 111 for more information.

• How to eat clean for your health
• How to get lean and fit and have increased energy with FOOD
• How nutrition can prevent and reverse disease
• How to shop for the right foods and make recipes that are easy and healthy for you
• How to read a label – what to look for in the ingredient list
• About low-glycemic eating
• Why fad diets don't work when it comes to losing weight
• The truth about the Standard American Diet
• About processed foods, empty carbs and artificial sweeteners
• How eating healthy does not have to be complicated
     and much more!

 Healthy Eating Classes are offered by going to www.robbieraugh.com 


 Educational Resources

Drugs that gobble up Vitamins

5 Part Workshop Series
for The Ride For Roswell participants and all bike enthusiasts

Wednesdays from Noon to 1:00 pm
(see schedule below)

Individual Workshops offered below are only $10 each.
All proceeds will go to The Ride for Roswell.

1. Core 101 - Completed on Wednesday April 16 and presented by Joe Fox, TrainSMART
   (Roswell Park Zebro Conference Center)

2. Prehab - Wednesday April 23 presented by Walter Brown, Buffalo Spine and Sports
e (Roswell Park Hohn Auditorium)

3. Joint Mobility & Movement Prep - Wednesday May 7th presented by Mat Meyer, Revive
   (Roswell Park Gaylord Room)

4. Regeneration - Wednesday May 14 presented by Chris Nentarz, EnduraSports
   (Roswell Park Hohn Auditorium)

5. Bike Fit - Wednesday May 21 presented by Andrew Thomas, Love & Sprockets
   (Roswell Park Hohn Auditorium)

Questions? Please contact Joe Fox at 440-6435.

Patient Services - Botox

yoga line

Botulinum neurotoxin (Botox) therapy offers a breakthrough in treatment of multiple musculoskeletal (skin and bone) and neurological (nervous system) conditions.

Botox is derived from a bacteria-produced toxin that is purified and diluted to the point of being extremely safe. Thus, it is a versatile medication that has been used safely for years in the treatment of neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy, blephrospasm and cervical dystonia. Over the last 10 years the understanding of the mechanisms of pain has greatly advanced and with it, the increased usage of Botox.

Our physicians administer Botox injections at our College Parkway and Orchard Park locations. Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine is one of the few medical practices in all of Western New York to utilize this advanced medication.

Our physicians' extensive knowledge of muscle anatomy and function, coupled with the use of advanced electrodiagnostic and imaging tools, allows our physicians to precisely place the medicine in the specific target muscles.

Our team is one of the few in the country that uses Ultrasound imaging technology for visualization of affected muscles and guidance of injections.

Treatments are then followed with state-of-the-art physical therapy to retrain and reverse muscle imbalances that frequently lead to various painful musculoskeletal disorders. These disorders include:

Chronic migraine and daily headaches

Evidence for Botox efficacy is growing daily. A recent, controlled study of 250 patients showed a 50% reduction in symptoms in the group that received the medication. Even more encouraging---patient experience at Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine shows an even greater percentage of improvement.

NOTE: The benefits of Botox have been shown to increase after three sequential applications, each three months apart. To be considered for this procedure, candidates need to have tried standard oral migraine prophylaxis medications first.

Click HERE to take our Chronic Migraine Questionnaire.

Chronic neck and low back pain

Chronic muscle pain after trauma such as work-related injuries and motor vehicle accidents, or in association with cervical and lumbar fusions, has been shown to benefit from intramuscular injection of Botox. Patients are considered for this procedure only after an extensive trial of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Piriformis Syndrome

This is either a stand-alone painful condition of an overactive buttock muscle or is found in conjunction with a lumbar disc herniation and resulting lumbar nerve root irritation. Several studies have shown a significant benefit of Botox injection into the piriformis muscle. Patient experience has also been extremely favorable.

Cerebral Palsy with spastic hemi or monoplegia

Botox has again been proven to be very effective in improving ambulation, hygiene, and fine motors skills of cerebral palsy patients.

In cases of spastic limb hemi or monoplegia associated with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury or stroke, Botox has proven effective in improving ambulation, hygiene, and fine motors skills.

Upper limb /lower limb spasticity

Onobotulinum (Botox) has been used for over 20 years for control of spasms of the upper and lower limbs that have been caused by Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, and Traumatic Brain Injury conditions.

FDA has officially recognized Botox treatment as a first line intervention for upper limb spasticity.

Injections are typically done every three months and help decrease spasm that forces uncontrolled bending of the elbow, wrist and clenching of fingers in the upper limb and in and downward pointing of the foot and ankle in the lower limb.

Benefits include decreased pain, better range of motion, greater ease of self care and hygiene and improved balance and gait.

Temporomandibular and orofacial disorders/dystonias

Botox has been found to be effective in relaxing key overactive orofacial (facial) muscles. As a result, patients can better tolerate orofacial physical therapy and utilization of therapeutic prosthetic devices. Treatment for these conditions is frequently undertaken with a team approach, including an orthodontist who specializes in temporomandibular disorders.


Excessive sweating can be a socially debilitating condition. It can be present in the arm pit region, groin, feet and hands.

Onobotulinum( Botox) therapy can effectively decrease excessive sweating for up to 9 months and is recommended for patients that have failed topical application therapy.

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