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Chiropractic Testimonial

I have been a patient of Dr. David Pizzi for 4 years. I was referred to him by a Dr. at Buffalo Spine and Sports, where I have been a patient for 20 years.  

At the time, I was experiencing a hot, burning sensation from my shoulder to my wrist. This was diagnosed as a pinched nerve. Dr. Pizzi used the Graston Technique with small metal bars, rolling them to create pressure in various areas. 

I began 3 times a week, then twice and down to once.  He made a difference after 3 visits.  I had great relief, as this had kept me awake and I was sleep deprived. 

I also have great issues with my neck, mostly from computer work and 2 herniated discs. Dr. Pizzi used manipulation in what I learned to be ART (Active Release Technique). He not only eased the tension in my neck, but informed me this would help my TMJ issues. I have worn mouth splints at night since 1971 for ongoing TMJ issues. This stretching of the chin and neck helped me a great deal. I got to the point of not wearing the mouth guard at all.

My lower back issues, also from 3 herniated discs and osteoporosis, have improved a great deal. Dr. Pizzi uses his hands/and feet to work your legs. Almost like a bicycle. It is an amazing type of therapy. He puts all his strength into it, to build you up to the point of pain tolerance and eventually freedom from pain.

Stretching exercises are also part of Dr. Pizzi's plan of action. He slowly introduces new ones to address each area. His goal is always 5 visits to get you back to your baseline, and then maintenance visits as needed. He sets small goals, realistic goals.

He is very patient and listens when you explain about exactly what got you where you are. He reviews x-rays and reports of any tests, MRI, Cat Scan, etc. so as to properly diagnose and treat.

Recently I had a fall in the house and it affected muscles in both legs. I limped in barely able to stand straight. After 3 visits I was 75% improved and on my way to good health. 

Dr. Pizzi builds your confidence when you are at the lowest ebb.  Pain does that to us... we can't see the light of day and think it's here to stay. IT IS NOT with Dr. Pizzi.

I feel that Dr Pizzi's experience, after completing post-graduate training, and working with patients who have had major surgery, like knee replacements, or herniated disc surgery, or torn rotator cuff surgeries, and with patients in rehab, has prepared him far better than any other chiropractor I have been to. 

Dr. Pizzi is so encouraging and uplifting to his patients. He never says anything but positive remarks, no matter how down you get with your journey thru pain.  I am pleased he is with Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine and that I was directed to his care.

Marjorie W.

To make an appointment with Dr. Pizzi in Batavia, Orchard Park or Lockport, call 716-626-0093 today.

How Pain Affects You

By Stacey Donahue, LCSW-R

maze-wellnessPain can have a significant impact on one’s quality of life. It is very frustrating to experience pain on a regular basis. Often times, pain can cause even the smallest of tasks to become a major obstacle during the day. Household tasks, such as cleaning, can feel very stressful.  Perhaps at one time the idea of completing a chore was something easily handled. Maybe you find you just do not have the enthusiasm to be with friends or family because that physical discomfort interferes with your ability to engage in activities. You may feel that you are no longer any fun to be around.

Pain can impact your sense of self. You may have once been the type of person who would roll with the punches in life and overcome life’s challenges. However, your pain may impact your ability to rise up to meet those challenges, as pain can make every task feel like a burden. This is often part of the reason that those who struggle with persistent pain tend to feel emotionally exhausted.

You may be thinking to yourself: “What if I don’t get better?” “What if these treatments don’t help?” “What if I can’t get back to doing the things I enjoy?” You may also feel a persistent sense of sadness, perhaps feeling as though you are mourning the loss of who you once were before your pain and experiencing the loss of all the things you were able to do before your pain.

For over a year now, Buffalo Spine and Sports Medicine has been offering treatments for pain and wellness services as a part of the continuum of treatments offered at the clinic. In wellness services, we can begin to focus on the impact that your pain has on you. Focusing on development of coping strategies can help you to better manage your distress related to your pain. Developing a positive ability to cope can help you to feel more in control of yourself and your life. Our main goal is to help you to cope with stress caused by persistent pain and the impact that your pain has on your quality of life.

To make an appointment in Williamsville, Buffalo or Orchard Park, call our office at 716-626-0093.

Avoiding “PIT FALLS”

By Dr. Jennifer Teeter

Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become weaker and are more likely to break.  It is often referred to as a silent disease because you cannot feel your bones becoming weaker. 1 out of 2 women and 1 out of 4 men with osteoporosis will fracture a major bone.

Roughly one-third of those over the age of 65 will fall each year.  Decreasing falls will decrease the risk of fracture in those with osteoporosis.

Follow some of these simple pearls to avoid your risks of fall and fracture.

  •    Outdoor Safety
    •    Use hand rails on steps and escalators
    •    Wear shoes with rubber soles for better traction
    •    Be aware of slippery sidewalks and surfaces
    •    If leaving your home and returning after dark, turn on an outside light
    •    Remove clutter and debris from your porch, walkway, and driveway
    •    Install hand rails on the sides of porch steps
    •    Use a carry bag to keep your hands free
    •    Use a walker or cane if necessary
  •    Indoor Safety
    •    Keep often used items within reach to avoid twisting and bending
    •    Use a long-handled grasping device on harder to grab items
    •    Consider the use of a personal emergency response system if living alone
    •    Could also consider bringing a cordless or cell phone from room to room
    •    Remove all throw rugs
    •    Install grab bars on bathroom walls, particularly next to the tub and toilet
    •    Install a plastic chair with a back and non-skid legs in the shower if uneasy on feet
    •    Use non-skid mats or rugs if they remain in any room of the house
    •    Install a night light in the hallway to guide walking to the bathroom
    •    If possible have light switches at the top and bottom of staircases
    •    Make sure there are sturdy hand rails beside each staircase

Dr. Jennifer Teeter, a Primary Care Sports Medicine physician, is a Certified Clinical Densitometrist who is the Medical Director of the Bone Health Center at Buffalo Orthopaedic Group.  Dr. Teeter screens patients for osteoporosis and recommends DXA's in those who qualify.  Results will be interpreted and appropriate treatment will be offered.  Please call 204-1101 if interested.  Buffortho.com 

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