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Graded Motor Imagery 2 Day Course

This course will help you understand the basic neuroimmune sciences underpinning the neuroplastic changes which are the main targets of GMI. The relationship of pain to other homeostatic and response systems such as the immune and endocrine systems, cognitions and language will be introduced as this knowledge is regarded as essential for optimal treatment using GMI.

Using GMI can be hard work. We want to make sure that you can apply the techniques using best current clinical reasoning, identify groups who may benefit from GMI and integrate it into an overall rehabilitation model. There’s lots of neuroscience, plenty of practical time, probable challenges to your current clinical thinking and a bit of fun!
Course Objectives
1. Knowledge of the basic sciences underpinning the use of GMI, including the neuromatrix paradigms, neuroplasticity and mirror neurones
2. Practical knowledge and skills on the use of laterality reconstruction, motor imagery and mirror therapy.
3. The skills to adapt the GMI program to various patient groups
4. An awareness of the ongoing research programs in GMI and the basic sciences validating its use
5. Perhaps a desire to contribute to ongoing research programs.

To register or for more information Contact Jennifer Shoemaker at usadmin@noigroup.com or you can also convey your interest online via www.noigroup.com/courses